Apartments Verona "Il Vicolo" are in this wonderful city along the Adige river, the largest city of the mainland Veneto and most important economic city of north of Italy.
Verona's initial development as a Roman settlement was similarly due to its straddling the main east-west and north-south lines of communication. A period of decline in the wake of the disintegration of the Roman Empire was followed by revival under the Ostrogoths and Franks.
Holiday Apartment "Il Vicolo" are in the center of Verona that, by the twelfth century Verona has become a city-state, and in the following century approached the zenith of its independent existence with the rise of the Scaligers . With the fall of their dynasty, the absorption into the Venetian Empire came in 1405, and Verona was governed from Venice until the arrival of Napoleon. Verona's history then shadowed that of Venice: a prolonged interlude of Austrian rule, brought to an end by the Unification of Italy in 1866.
Holiday Apartments Verona "Il Vicolo" are close to most important monuments of city as the Arena.
Its elliptical shape produces perfect acoustics from every physical stand point in the arena and enhances its capacity to accommodate a great number of people.
Performances used to take place in the centre of the amphitheatre, the “harena” (hence the name) or the area covered in sand where gladiatorial combats were held, the sand being used to absorb the blood of gladiators and animals.
In its “platea” and “cavea” the amphitheatre could contain 30.000 people.
You will be able to see the monumental gateways which greet the visitor - Porta Borsari and Porta Leoni and which testify to the grandeur of the Roman Empire. A simple walk along Corso Cavour, Corso Portoni Borsari and Corso Santa Anastasia practically leads you along the ancient Roman Via Postumia which ended up in the Roman Forum, now Piazza Erbe at few meters from "Il Vicolo", rooms for tourist in center of Verona.
Beneath the level of the street, the fascinating remains of Roman villas and mosaics have come to light, giving a glimpse of the magnificence of Verona's Roman past. For a journey back in time a visit to the Scavi Scaligeri or the Villa at Valdonega is an absolute must. The rule of the Scaligeri transformed Verona's appearance, with its fortifications, the beautiful Castelvecchio and its nearby Ponte Scaligero, Cangrande's palace and other palaces of the Della Scala Family (Lords of Verona), the Domus Mercatorum and Piazza Erbe and last but not least, their splendid intricate funerary monuments, the "Arche Scaligere".
Even the period of Venetian domination has left its mark on the city - the palaces of its nobles, the art-works of its great painters in the Castelvecchio Museum and the churches of the city. The Renaissance Palaces of noble families line the streets - Palazzo della Gran Guardia, Palazzo Pompei, Palazzo Maffei, the "Loggia del Consiglio" and the Domus Nova in Piazza dei Signori.
Apartments Verona "Il Vicolo" are in center of the city of a great architect dominates this particular period, that of Michele Sanmicheli who designed the gateways to the city - Porta Nuova, Porta Palio, Porta San Zeno and Porta Vescovo. During the period of Austrian domination Verona becomes the lynch-pin of a perfect defensive system of fortresses and walls known as the "Quadrilatero". Bastions and fortresses guard the city, and both civil and military architecture flourishes (Palazzo Barbieri and the Arsenal).

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